swetha antony new

Assistant Professor

Office No: 44, Arts Faculty Building, University of Delhi, North Campus

Preferred Contact hours: By appointment

E: mail: swetha.antony.p@gmail.com

PhD (The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad), MA (University of Kerala 2008), BA (University of Kerala 2006)


Though strictly speaking I am a generalist whose fingers are dipped in multiple fields of literature and humanities, my doctoral research work is broadly oriented towards postcolonial theory and literatures. The use of language by the Indian writers in English is the predominant focus that identifies where I stand as a scholar. I engage with the way English is creatively understood and interpreted by the Indian poets to hold within the fluid boundaries of the idea of a nation or a national sense of being and what it excludes and includes in the process of making an identity. My doctoral work is on the poetry of Kamala Das, linking her life and writing, arguing that she is a cosmopolitan who has internalized in her selfhood the various nuances of the term with the borderlines and the margins moving from one space only to merge into another. I use cosmopolitanism as a theoretical tool to understand her ‘play’ of signs within the post-colonial space. The evolution of Indian English Literature into a heterogeneous and inclusive entity such as Indian Literatures in English continues to be the object of my critical enquiry. However, I am fascinated by the poetics of exile as articulated by writers in the spectrum of New Literatures in English.

Areas of Interest/ Research:

Indian English Poetry, British Romantic Poetry, New Literatures in English, Theories of the Diaspora and Cosmopolitanism, Film Criticism

Courses Taught:

British Romantic Poetry, Eighteenth Century British Literature, Ancient Greek and Latin Literature in Translation, New Literatures in English, Literature and the Visual Arts in Europe, American Literature, Literature and Gender

Representative Publications:


•“The Soul that Knows How to Sing: A Post Structuralist Analysis of Kamala Das’s Poetry” in Indian Poetry in English: Critical Essays edited by Zinia Mitra published by PHI Learning Private Limited, New Delhi. (ISBN: 978-81-203-4571-3)

• “Ventriloquing the Vernacular: the Contexts to Indian English Writing” in the peer reviewed journal International Proceedings of Economics Development and Research: Language, Medias and Culture (Vol 33) Ed: by Feng Tao published by IACSIT Press, Singapore. (ISBN 978-981-07-1589-2 and ISSN: 2010-4626)

•“Margins and Beyond: A Survey of Women’s Voices in Indian English Poetry Today” in the special issue of Luminaire: A refereed journal of the Department of Languages, Garden City College, Bangalore edited by Dr. Payel Dutta Chowdhury and Nasreen Ghani with ISSN: 2249 2542 ( Vol 3, Issue 1, March 2013).

•“The Articulation and Celebration of Fragments: A Post Modern Analysis of Kamala Das’s Poetry” in the special issue of Luminaire: A refereed journal of the Department of Languages, Garden City College, Bangalore edited by Dr. Payel Dutta Chowdhury and Dr. Sheela Rosalyn  with ISSN: 2249 2542 ( Vol 4, Issue 1, February 2014).

•“Identity as a Skein of Memory, History and Violence in Micheal Ondaatje’s Anil’s Ghost” in Literary Quest: An International, Peer-Reviewed, Open Access, Monthly, Online Journal of English Language and Literature (VOL. 1 ISSUE 11 APRIL 2015 ISSN 2349-5650)