HARIS QADEER, Assistant Professor, PhD (AMU)

Assistant Professor
Office: Room no. 44
Department of English
Arts Faculty, North Campus
Meeting Hours: By Appointment
Email id: harisq.du@gmail.com


PhD (Aligarh Muslim University), MA (Aligarh Muslim University)

Areas of Interest/ Research

Writings by Indian Muslim Women, Literature and Culture of Indian Muslims, Progressive Writers Movement, Urdu Literature in English/Hindi translations, Indian Writing in English, Naya Theatre, British Poetry.


My current area of interest focuses upon literature and culture of Indian Muslims. I am interested in how delineation of identity of minority community takes place in India.I am currently working on writings by Indian Muslim women. My interest in the field has resulted in conceptualization of an M Phil course: Speaking Silence: Writings by Indian Muslim Women. The course contests the assumption that Muslim women in India constitute a silent and homogeneous constituency, with specific allegiances that derive from Islam.It attempts to understand the relationship between reforms, changing cultural configuration and its impact on the writings by Muslim women.Apart from the above mentioned areas I am also interested in Progressive Writers Movement, Hindi literature and Urdu literature in translation. I translate from Urdu/Hindi to English.

Courses Taught


Indian Literature I & II

Poetry from Chaucer to Milton 

20th Century Poetry and Drama

Romantic Poetry

New Literatures in English

Novels in India

M Phil

Speaking Silence: Writings by Indian Muslim Women

Representative Publications:

‘Urdu Translation of Alice in Wonderland’, Alice in World of Wonders, (with SumanyuSatpathy) Oak Knoll Press, New Castle, Delaware in cooperation with the Lewis Carroll Society of North America, 2015

‘Voice from Veil: Some Perspectives on the Writings of Indian Muslim Women’, Studia-Philogia, Romania. 2011

‘Neither Internee nor Informer: Seamus Heaney- The Poet, The Public Spokesman, The Anthropologistin North’, Explorations, (Vol. 21, 2010) Lahore, Pakistan.

‘Returning to Revive, Digging to Define: Early Poetry of Seamus Heaney’ Exploration, Vol. 20, 2009, Lahore, Pakistan


Translation of following short stories of Joginder Paul from Urdu to English: 'Doves' (Faaktain), ' 'Natives' (Bashindey), Free Spirit (Khulabaaz), 'Kargil', War, Jihad, etc.. (Jung, Jihad etc), and House of God (Khane-e-Khuda) for collection of short stories, edited by Sukirta Paul, Speaking Tiger, India (forthcoming)  

‘A Prostitute’s Letter: To Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Qaid-e-Azam Jinnah'- translation of Krishna Chandra’s Urdu short story ‘Ek Tawaif ka Khat : Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru aur Qaid-e-Azam Jinnah ko’, in River of Flesh and other stoires: The Prostituted Women in Indian Short Fiction, Speaking Tiger, India, 2016

Translation of two Urdu poems by Zafar Ali Khan in The Glory of India: An Anthology of Urdu Poetry in English Translation, Viva Books, India, 2016

‘Soil’- translation of Tarranum Riyaz’s Urdu short Story ‘Mitti’, in Pigeons on the Dome: Stories on Communalism/Secularism in India, Niyogi Books, India, 2015

‘The Curfew is Strict’ – translation of Anees Rafi’s Urdu short story ‘Curfew sakht hai’, in New Urdu Writings, Westland Publishers, India, 2014


"Who is telling my story?": In Converation with Shelina Jan Mohammed, Muslim Women: What Everyone Needs to Know, Viva Book, 2019

"Muslim Women Fight Back": Inconversation with Miriam Cooke, Muslim Women: What Everyone Needs to Know, Viva Books, 2019

An Interview with Professor Emeritus Sylvia Vatuk,Muslim Women: What Everyone Needs to Know, Viva Book, 2019