Masters in English

The MA programme offered by the English Department constitutes its oldest and most extensive academic activity. On an average about 250 students are given admission to this program every year. These students are spread across the Main and the South Campuses and the Non Collegiate Women’s Educational Board.

The M.A. English syllabus comprises 16 courses to be taught over 4 semesters and in 2 years. Out of these, students need to study 14 within the English Department and choose 2 from among several courses offered by other Humanities or Social Sciences departments of the University. Among the 14 literature courses 10 are compulsory and 4 are optional. Students are offered a total of 10 courses out of which to pick their 4 options.

The English syllabus has been recently revised. It now covers the English literary tradition that extends from Chaucer to modern times. It also incorporates several new areas such as Indian literatures in English and in English translation, continental literary theory, significant imaginative writing from outside England, gender studies, and the relationship between literature and the visual arts.

Outcomes of the Programme 

MA Outcomes of Programmes

MA Admissions 

MA English Seats Distribution

Eligibility for admission to the MA English Program, 2017-18

MA Admission : 2018 

Test Booklet 2017 : Pages 1-5 Pages 6-38

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Internal Assesment 

Internal Assessment Scheme Semester I and III of 2018-19


North Previous Sem II out of 25

North Final Sem IV out of 25

South Previous Sem II out of 25

South Final Sem IV out of 25

MA Time Table: 2018

Revised Time table for North July 2018 Semester I and III

Revised Time table for South July 2018 Semester I and III


Commencement of MA English Previous classes Semester I of 2018